anna fang public relations and Peernet Company Limited win
2010 Award of Excellence from the USA's Awards
for Publication Excellence for Flash Video
Awards of Excellence from APEX™ USA
(Hong Kong - October 2010) The 22nd Annual Awards for Publication Excellence (APEX™- USA) announced that Anna J H Fang, director of anna fang public relations from Hong Kong and Harris Ho, director of Peernet Company Limited together won a 2010 Award of Excellence for the flash video on the home page of

The flash video concept was initially presented by Ms Fang’s interns in order to show what anna fang public relations does in less than 50 seconds. The final technical webwork was done by Peernet Company Limited.

Peernet Company Limited ( is a professional web design house established by a team of experienced IT and legal professionals. Peernet Company Limited has provided total IT solutions since 2000 including award-winning web design and graphics; tailor-made multimedia design like flash, videos, and audios; web-based applications such as webmail systems, e-shop and smart card systems; and in addition, does daily maintenance services for servers, networks and firewall systems and other system integration services.

Anna Jean-Hwa Fang has won a total of three Grand Awards of Excellence and 17 Awards of Excellence since 1988 for the PR and marketing campaigns and marketing materials she has created for past employers (Motorola, Motorola University, Hutchison Telephone, Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce ) and clients.

In the past few years, she has won Awards of Excellence and Grand Awards of Excellence for the PR and Publicity Campaigns for the Sedan Chair Race Charities Fund, the Hong Kong Association of Business and Professional Women, the Center for Creative Leadership, and international author Andrew Matthews.

APEX™ 2010 Awards are based on excellence in graphic design, editorial content and the ability to achieve overall communications excellence. Nearly 3,800 entries were received worldwide in the following categories: Newsletters, Magazines and Journals, Magapapers and Newspapers, Annual Reports, Brochures, Manuals and Reports, Video and Electronic Publications, Web and Intranet Sites, Campaigns, Programs and Plans, Writing, Design and Illustration, and One of Kind Publications.

The majority of entries were from North America and a few winning entries came from countries such as Hong Kong and Singapore.