anna fang public relations won an Award of Excellence for her NEW company website.

The 25th Annual Awards for Publication Excellence -- is an international competition that recognizes outstanding publications from newsletters and magazines to annual reports, brochures and websites.

According to the APEX 2013 judges, "The awards were based on excellence in graphic design, quality of editorial content and the success of the entry in conveying the message and achieving overall communications effectiveness."

In addition, student interns made suggestions on how the company website of anna fang public relations could be improved to make it more customer-friendly. With three website design companies lacking proper insight on how to build new pages properly, the website was becoming “messy” and disorganised.

in the late summer of 2012 , Ordi Limited was commissioned to take over design, building and maintenance of the website. While working with Ordi, anna fang public relations had a few students who were interested in websites to assist in making the new website pages more customer friendly and innovative. Ordi completed the new anna fang public relations website within three months and it has over 108 webpages.

About the APEX Awards

The APEX Awards for Publication Excellence is an annual competition for publishers, editors, writers and designers who create print, Web, electronic and social media. Communications Concepts, Inc. sponsors the APEX Awards, and advises professionals who write, edit and manage business communications, on best strategies and practices.

In the 25th Annual APEX Awards, awards were given in 138 individual categories, within 12 main categories including: newsletters; magazines and journals; magapapers and newspapers; annual reports; brochures, manuals and reports; electronic media; social media; websites; campaigns, programs and plans; writing; design and illustration; and one-of-a-kind publications.

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