anna fang public relations wins 2009 Award of Excellence from the
USA's Awards for Publication Excellence for its company brochure
(Hong Kong - September 2009) The Awards for Publication Excellence (APEX™ - USA) announced that Anna J H Fang, director of anna fang public relations from Hong Kong won a 2009 Award of Excellence for her company brochure. Her company website won an award of excellence from APEX™ - USA in the previous year.

The company brochure was designed and printed by APlus Design and is a four colour, three fold brochure.

Anna has won a total of three Grand Awards of Excellence and 16 Awards of Excellence since 1998 for the PR and marketing campaigns and marketing materials she has created for past employers (Motorola, Motorola University, Hutchison Telephone) and clients. In the past years, she has won Awards of Excellence and Grand Awards of Excellence for the PR and Publicity Campaigns for the Sedan Chair Race Charities Fund, the Hong Kong Association of Business and Professional Women, the Center for Creative Leadership, and international author Andrew Matthews.

anna fang public relations was founded in 2002 and raises the profile of US and foreign multi-nationals and companies based out of Hong Kong for the Greater China region. anna fang public relations specialises in CEO Branding and promoting and profiling CEOs from around the world.

Anna Fang has over 20 years experience in corporate communications, marketing and public relations working in Beijing, China, the United States and Hong Kong. Previously, she worked for Motorola, Motorola University, Hutchison Telephone, the Tianlun Dynasty Hotel, and the Great Wall Sheraton Hotel in Beijing, China. Many of the marketing communications projects and publications she spearheaded in the corporate world have won awards of excellence or grand awards of excellence in an international competition based in the USA.