Anna Fang on behalf of the Hong Kong Association of Business and
Professional Women wins 2005 Award of Excellence
for the 25th Anniversary Booklet
Anna Fang of anna fang public relations has won an Award of Excellence from APEX™ (USA) for the HKABPW 25th Anniversary Booklet under the category of “One-of-a-Kind Print Publications". The Hong Kong Association of Business and Professional Women (HKABPW) is part of the largest women’s business network in the world connecting over 200,000 women in 108 countries. It is a non-governmental organisation and professional women volunteer to help with its events and membership.

Through the International Federation of Business and Professional Women (IFBPW), the Hong Kong chapter has UN General Consultative Status. IFBPW was established over 75 years ago in Geneva, Switzerland. HKABPW was established in 1979 and has worked toward promoting the status of women through equal rights legislation and supporting an annual bursary fund which awards young women majoring in non-traditional field of study such as engineering, surveying, construction, etc. In 2004, it was the 25th Anniversary of the Association.

HKABPW wanted a publication, which would showcase its accomplishments in the last 25 years and be an interesting and attractive public relations piece. The goal of the editorial committee was to use it as a PR piece to be sent to people locally, regionally, and worldwide. It had to be appealing and professional in style for the general public and to those in the corporate world.

To highlight the past 25 years in Hong Kong, the 25th Anniversary Committee desired to produce a 36-page commemorative publication which would detail HKABPW's contribution, in the fields of legislation and education, towards raising the status of women within our community and widening the educational opportunities available to them. HKABPW wanted to convey a contemporary image on what the Association works for and to publicise its aims and accomplishments over the past 25 years.

HKABPW had the corporate support of Cathay Pacific, Citigroup, Clarins, CLP Power, Crown Asset Management Limited, Financial Partners International, Lan Kwai Fong Holdings, and Sara Beattie College. Through the generous support of these companies, HKABPW donated HK$35,000 (US$4,000) to Harmony House’s "Women Empowerment and Services" training programmes. Harmony House’s clients are grassroots women who are victims of domestic violence.

  See the HKABPW 25th Anniversary Booklet