Motorola’s Award-Winning Corporate Image Materials from 1998 - 2001

From 1997 to 2001, Anna worked for Motorola Asia Pacific as the Regional Corporate Communications Manager. During that time, she was responsible for corporate communications, publications, marketing communications, advertising, issues management, media relations, digital marketing, employee communications, PR sponsorship events, and more. She liaised and coordinated PR and Marketing teams located in 15 countries.

She coordinated the creation of several award-winning marketing materials.
  • Grand Award of Excellence
    FACTS and Guide

    FACTS was a 16 page corporate brochure about Motorola in the Asia Pacific region
    Guide was a 90 page compendium about the business units of Motorola from cellular phones to semiconductor production.

  • Award of Excellence
    Corporate Video
    The corporate video was filmed in China, Singapore, Japan, and Malaysia and was 8 minutes long and showed the different products of Motorola along with the Research and Development Centres around Asia.

  • Award of Excellence
    Motorola’s Asia Pacific Region Website
    Anna Fang coordinated the production of this award-winning website and you can read more about it in the section about Award-Winning Websites
After serving as the corporate communications manager of Motorola Asia Pacific Limited, Anna was posted as the first Marketing Communications Manager for Motorola University Asia Pacific in 21 years. Motorola University was the training and development arm of Motorola. The over 2,000 courses were also sold to Motorola’s business customers besides being utilised by the 120,000 Motorola employees around the world.
  • Grand Award of Excellence
    Motorola University e-Learning Video

    Anna launched e-Learning in the Asia Pacific region for Motorola University to the 40,000 employees in the region. Working with her, the human resource and fellow Motorola University colleagues assisted in launching e-Learning to the employees who worked at manufacturing sites and sales centres.

  • Award of Excellence
    Motorola University e-Learning Intranet Site
    The e-Learning Intranet Site won a Grand Award of Excellence and more details are available on the Award-Winning Websites section.