Motorola wins 2001 Awards of Excellence for its e-learning website

Anna Fang helped to create an e-Learning intranet site for use by Motorola employees in the Asia Pacific Region.

e-Learning is a self-directed learning process to enable employees to satisfy their specific and unique learning needs. In 2000, Motorola incorporated e-learning strategy which helped Motorola in the following ways:
  • Reduce costs and expedited the training to a large number of employees across the globe.

  • Maintained consistency in course delivery across the world, reduced costs compulsory annual 40 hours training per employee in Motorola.

  • Actual training times reduced by 50 percent and cycle time of learning had fallen by one-third.

For Motorola University Asia Pacific, an intranet site was set up to facilitate e-Learning on a regional basis. Most employees of Motorola are working at manufacturing and R&D sites in Malaysia, China, Singapore, India and Japan.