In the fall of 2005, anna fang public relations promoted Andrew Matthews, best selling author and international speaker on happiness to the Hong Kong business and student communities. His books include: "Follow Your Heart", "Being Happy!", "Happiness in a Nutshell", "Being a Happy Teenager" and "Happiness Now". Two of books are bestsellers which means they have sold over two million copies each worldwide. During the fall, his visit resulted in over 20 articles being published from interviews and Andrew also spoke at the American Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Alumni associations, and at various local and ESF international schools, like Tang King Po and South Island International School.

Due to the outstanding media coverage, over 20 interviews and speaking engagements in two weeks, the Awards for Publication Excellence™ (APEX - USA) awarded Anna Fang, director of anna fang public relations a Grand Award of Excellence for "The PR & Publicity Campaign for Andrew Matthews' Launch of Happiness Now in Hong Kong".

John De Lellis, Communication Concepts™ Editor and Publisher said about the campaign, "A thoroughly researched and extensively prepped campaign effectively targets key 'enabler' audiences - resulting in substantial media coverage and book sales."

Andrew Matthews received over US$200,000 in media coverage for the launch of Happiness Now in Hong Kong - with articles published in approximately over 20 publications. His books are published in over 33 languages and in 60 countries. He has appeared on 3,000 TV and radio programs on four continents in the past 20 years.