For Danilo Giannoni, anna fang public relations organised media interviews for the Italian Ebru Painter for his first Hong Kong exhibition. He is only one of two professional Ebru painters in Asia and he is experimenting with the use of painting with gold leaf and other innovative materials.

Danilo Giannoni started his career as a jewelry designer and model maker, working for over 20 years for the top companies in jewelry design and product development. He worked in Italy, USA, Turkey, China and Hong Kong, for companies like Leo Pizzo, Luca Carati, Damiani, Crivelli and Bulgari. He received many international awards for his artistry. After moving to Istanbul, Turkey to take some time off for personal reflection and research for a new inspiration, Danilo fell in love with an ancient painting technique called Ebru.

The origins of this art are lost in time: over 1,300 years ago in Japan there was a similar technique to prepare the paper for the calligraphy called Suminagashi, which means "floating ink". In the 15th century, a similar technique coming from Persia via the Silk Road, arrived in Turkey where it become a noble art, and took the name of Ebru. In the ancient Persian language this word means “Cloud and Wind” while in the Ottoman language it means “Clouded Paper” or “Colorful”, some other sources say that the meaning of “Abri” (Ebru) is “Pure Water” or “Clean Water”.

By studying and testing various new methods, Danilo has created a more modern version of Ebru - a combination of classical calligraphy writing and miniature (detailed painting on a marbled background). His own painting style has developed from this classical combination, to a more complex technique where silhouettes and figures (men and women) are drawn on the water.

His paintings have been sold to collectors in the Middle East, in the US, and Europe. He has been publicised in the Turkish media in Cornucopia magazine, Hello magazine, Alem magazine, Hurryet Daily News, Saba Hotel News, and The Swiss Paper.

Recently, with his “Il Racconto” Exhibition in Guangzhou, China, he has received media coverage in the Italian Ministries (Guangzhou, China), Nanfang Daily, Guangzhou Daily News, City Weekly, Life in Guangzhou, Weekly Art News, This is the PRD, Delta Bridges, and on-line art websites. In Hong Kong, he was publicised by the following media - South China Morning Post, Perspective Magazine,, and, and interviewed by Ta Kung Pao, and ArtOne Gallery and the Italian consulate in Hong Kong also listed his exhibition.

Exhibitions, Events and Collections   (Show/hide)
Hong Kong
2012 Premiere exhibition of Danilo Giannoni in Hong Kong, “Floating in Art”, ArtOne Gallery, Friday, Oct. 26 – Sunday, Nov. 4.

2012 “Il Racconto“ exhibition in collaboration with Chinese artist Chen Ben will be presented from September 18 to October 9 at the Kui Garden Gallery, Guangzhou, China.
2011 January Charity Project with the Guangzhou Huiling Community Services for People with Mental Disabilities, Guangzhou, China
2010 December exhibition of Danilo Giannoni’s new collection at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Shenzhen, China
2010 September exhibition “Dreaming on the Water”, at the SZX Gallery, Shenzhen, China

Milan, Italy
2005 Rotary Club of Milano, Exhibition of Danilo Giannoni’s art work and his charity project, Milan, Italy

Istanbul, Turkey
2006 Project art and design (collaboration with a designer for interior decoration)
2006 Seven piece collection and art work produced with the designer Zeynep Fadillioglu, Les Ottoman’s Hotel Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
2006 Art and Fashion Project (in collaboration with designers Asli Filintia and Vakko), Istanbul, Turkey
2005 Personal exhibition, “20 Women of My Life,” 20 dedicated art works, Private Gallery ART SUMER, Istanbul, Turkey
2005 Special Collection for VIP customers of the bank, and the private collection, Yapi Kredi Bank, Istanbul, Turkey
2005 Charity Project, “The Seeds Need Water,” Forty famous Turkish people worked together with the artist to put on the exhibition. The artwork was auctioned under the patronage of the Italian Consulate of Istanbul, and over US$620,000 was raised for charity, Casa Italia (Culture Institution of the Italian Consulate), Istanbul, Turkey
2004 Packard Bell Art Installation, Mixing art and technology to create a Private Collection, Media World, Istanbul, Turkey
2004 Packard Bell Advertising campaign, designed using Danilo’s art work as the background and as a corporate gift, Istanbul, Turkey
2004 Personal Exhibition, “An Italian Look at the Ebru World,” Conrad Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey
2003 Benar Private Collection, Istanbul, Turkey, 60 Paintings commissioned
2003 Duysel Private Collection, Istanbul, Turkey, 250 Paintings commissioned
2003 Packard Bell Private Collection, Istanbul, Turkey, 80 Paintings
2002 “2023 - Istanbul in 20 Years,” Exhibition for the Government of Istanbul. “How the artist imagines the city in twenty years,” Istanbul, Turkey
2002 “Woman and the War,” joint art exhibition, Gallery at the Government Building, Istanbul, Turkey Danilo is married and lives in Hong Kong and has a 3,000 square feet art studio in Hong Kong. Danilo was born in 1971 in Alessandria, Italy.

Please find two paintings showing Ebru painting, Ebru painting with gold leaf, and the invitation to the Hong Kong exhibition at ArtOne.

Danilo Giannoni exhibition invitation



Energy from within

“Ebru” in City Weekly

Ebru in Weekly Art Section, Guangzhou, China

“Danilo Giannoni and His Art ,” Cover Magazine, November 2012

“Danilo’s Ever-Changing “Floating in Water,” Ta Kung Pao, October 2012