In the summer of 2008, DDI released the results of its bi-annual Global Leadership Forecast (2008-2009) and its China Leadership Forecast (2008-2009) on a worldwide basis. The major spokespersons from DDI for the Greater China Region for the two leadership forecasts were Erik Duerring, Director of Consulting and Louis Liu, Managing Director.

DDI's Managing Director Louis Liu has been interviewed by Hong Kong Economic Times in the "War for Talent - Li-Ning is Leading", and South China Morning Post . DDI was also invited to contribute an article on its 2008-2009 China Leadership Forecast by the quarterly journal - China Staff.

Since 1970, DDI has worked with leading companies in virtually every industry, identifying and developing more than 16 million executives and leaders around the globe. DDI's client list includes the most-recognised names in business worldwide. DDI has US and foreign multi-nationals, Hong Kong corporations, and State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in China as their clients. DDI has more than 75 offices in 26 countries.

In 2008, because DDI was a client of anna fang public relations, the HR Management consultancy was invited by the South China Morning Post to contribute articles to the following columns:

"Executive Insights"
  • Put Staff Through the Paces
  • Building Team Spirit
  • Beware of Trust Traps

"China HR"
  • Training is Vital to Success
  • Breaking Cultural Barriers is the Key

SCMP Publishing Group's "2009 China HR Yearbook"
  • Training Your Employees
  • Managers Must Be Coaches
  • Managing Your Team's Performance

In 2009, Elmar Kronz, Vice President for DDI in Asia was interviewed by the Hong Kong Economic Times and the South China Morning Post under the theme of "Managing Talent in a Down Swing".
The War for Talent in China - Li-Ning is Leading, Hong Kong Economic Times, Aug. 28, 2008

Training is Vital to Success, South China Morning Post, Sept. 20, 2008