For 2010, Development Dimensions International (DDI), focused on the dilemma of the middle manager in the corporate world. DDI senior executives Elmar Kronz, Vice President of Asia; James Concelman, Vice President, Leadership Development, and Dr Audrey Smith, Consulting Vice President were interviewed by the Hong Kong Economic Times, South China Morning Post and China Staff.

DDI was invited to contribute articles to the Human Resources Magazine and be on the editorial board of China Staff magazine.

The following articles and interviews were published in the same year:

"The flawed selection process that produces failing leaders," China Staff, February 2010, by Sonia Chan, an interview with Dr. Audrey Smith

"Companies Have to Strengthen Their Ability to Change Their Leadership - for a Brighter Future," Hong Kong Economic Times, June 2010, by Carrie Leung. It was an interview of Mr Elmar Kronz, Vice President of Asia for DDI, and three of DDI's corporate clients on the dilemma of middle managers.

"Tables Turn for Mid-Managers," South China Morning Post, July 3, 2010, by Luisa Tam. This was an interview of Mr Elmar Kronz and the predicament of middle managers.

"What China's Got to Learn," China Staff, July/August 2010 by Raymond Ma. Interview of DDI's James Concelman

"Mid-Levels Matter - Leveraging Your Mid-level Leaders to Drive Business," Human Resources Magazine, September 2010, by Elmar Kronz

"Wisdom in Leadership," China Staff, October 2010 by DDI's Mark Busine and Bruce Watts, Managing Directors at DDI

The above-captioned media interviews and articles were organised by anna fang public relations.