In the summer of 2010, anna fang public relations was appointed as the PR consultant for "Hong Kong in Venice". The main theme of the Venice Biennale was "People Meet in Architecture" alluding to sustainability and people's daily lives. For this international exhibition, the Hong Kong Pavilion had 13 exhibits, which consisted of teams of architects, designers and artists. The areas of interest were: food, clothing, dwelling, education and transportation. In addition, the Hong Kong Pavilion also housed the three design proposals for the West Kowloon Cultural District. This was the third Venice Biennale in Architecture that the HKSAR Government joined, and the event is followed by the world famous Venice Film Festival.

This is the third Venice Biennale in architecture that the HKSAR government participated in, and the event is followed by the high profile Venice Film Festival.

The Media and PR Strategy

We approached four different media groups: the Italian and European media; art and architectural media based in Hong Kong, China and around the world; and the media based here in Hong Kong. We sent them preliminary information on "Hong Kong in Venice" in different languages and preliminary information for Hong Kong in Venice's Opening Days, biographies of the exhibitors, curators and the schedule for the Opening Days.

Venice Biennale Opening Days

The Opening Days were specifically for the international media and VIPs, and therefore, art and architectural press relied on us sending them information, biographies, pre-Venice photos and photos of the exhibits at Venice.

After the Opening Days, we sent selected media around the world CDs of photos submitted by the exhibition teams of their exhibit (pre-Venice), and later in September, we sent selected media the photos of the actual exhibits and made the photos available via a FTP for the media. Press releases in Chinese, Italian and English were created, and about 50 press in total were contacted such as local, international and art /design /architectural.

Unfortunately, no Hong Kong media were able to attend the Venice Biennale during the Opening Days in late August and only one media from Hong Kong actually went to Venice in the fall. Later, architectural and glossy magazines in Hong Kong did interviews with selected architects, designers and artists after they returned from Italy. Other industry media announced the international event or did a pictorial.

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) is not considered an official country by the Biennale and therefore, the Hong Kong Pavilion was at times overlooked by the international press.

According to Arte Communications in Italy, over 100 overseas media visited the pavilion during the special Open Day, and they have sent us numerous pdf files of Italian on-line media and the published articles in major Italian architectural publications. Another geographical sector we contacted included the architectural magazines of China as a few of them attended the Venice Biennale.

Here are some of the articles which appeared in the Chinese language media in Hong Kong, and have been translated into English. In the translations, the original Chinese language text appears first and then, with the English translation following.

"Daily Audit to Create Sustainable City Value," Ming Pao Weekly (MPW), Sept.11, 2010, by Ire Tsui

(La Biennale di Venezia) Venice Biennale features the theme of Architecture, Hong Kong Architects Presents "Quotidian Architecture," Ta Kung Pao, Sept 7, 2010

"Quotidian Architectures - Hong Kong @ 2010 Venice Biennale," City Magazine, October 2010

"Look at the modern architecture through the mist of the "City of Water," Headline Daily, October 18, 2010 (This newspaper actually sent a reporter to Europe to visit Venice).

"The theme of "Clothing, Food, Dwelling and Transport" shows the basic needs of life," Modern Home, October 2010

Articles on "Hong Kong in Venice" have been published in the following English and international media in Hong Kong and around the world: Domus China, FuturArc, The Local, Hinge, Hong Kong Standard, Perspective Magazine, South China Morning Post, Baccarat Magazine, U Magazine, WestEast Magazine, Wallpaper, and Italian and European media, among others. Broadcasts on radio and TV on the Venice Biennale and the Hong Kong Pavilion were also on RTHK 2 (15 minutes) and CNN (two 8 minute broadcasts).