In the summer of 2010, anna fang public relations was appointed as the PR consultant for "Hong Kong in Venice". The main theme of the Venice Biennale was "People Meet in Architecture" alluding to sustainability and people's daily lives. For this international exhibition, the Hong Kong Pavilion had 13 exhibits, which consisted of teams of architects, designers and artists. The areas of interest were: food, clothing, dwelling, education and transportation. In addition, the Hong Kong Pavilion also housed the three design proposals for the West Kowloon Cultural District. This was the third Venice Biennale in Architecture that the HKSAR government participated in, and the event was followed by the famous Venice Film Festival.

Articles on "Hong Kong in Venice" have been published in the following English and international media in Hong Kong, and around the world: Domus China, FuturArc, The Local, Hinge, Hong Kong Standard, Perspective Magazine, South China Morning Post, Baccarat Magazine, U Magazine, WestEast Magazine, Wallpaper, and Italian and European media, among others. Broadcasts on radio and TV on the Venice Biennale and the Hong Kong Pavilion were also on RTHK 2 (15 minutes) and CNN (two 8 minute broadcasts).

Please find the following thumbnails of articles from architectural / design publications around the world:

RAD + Greg Girard in City Magazine

Hong Kong in Venice in Brava Casa

Hong Kong in Venice in Domus China

Hong Kong in Venice in AT Casa

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