The anna fang public relations company assisted on obtaining media coverage for a new website selling sustainable products for the home, health, babies, children and pets. Two Hong Kong natives (Marilyn and Ko) returned to Hong Kong after living in the US for over 20 years, and established this new website which sells green products for use in the home and office. Of special interest are products for personal care, babies, pets, health and household use.

The products sold are supplied by businesses who have an ethic of “sustainability” and green thinking. The businesses are eco-friendly and environmentally friendly.

ikindof is a new online store which was soft launched last November featuring eco-friendly, “green”, and quality living products.

All of the products are carefully hand selected with the consumers’ well-being in mind. ikindof strives to carry products which are natural, organic, effective, safe and earth-friendly.

There are a variety of product categories for consumers to select from including health, personal care and beauty, babies and children, pets, household and lifestyle. ikindof promotes social responsibility and working toward reducing our carbon footprint.

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