True Organic holds food-tasting luncheon for press at
ThreeSixty to introduce organic cheese and milk

For True Organic, anna fang public relations organised a product launch for True Organic (also known as the Organic Dairy Farmers of Australia) in April 2010.

Wendy Wallace and the Organic Dairy Farmers of Australia were featured in Grocers and Caterers' on-line and in the hard copy magazine,, Hong Kong Economic Times Management Page, and in the Ming Pao Daily. True Organic is truly organic versus other brands which are not monitored from the farms, cows, etc. which originate the dairy products. Farms must be "clean" for five years before they are deemed organic dairy farms.

True Organic of Victoria, Australia held a food tasting luncheon on April 13 at ThreeSixty located in Landmark building in Central. It was attended by members of the food press, Australian Trade Commission and the Dairy Farm's Specialty Stores group.

Wendy Wallace, Victorian organic dairy farmer talked about the benefits of organic farming and then, she proceeded to cook a few dishes using True Organic's butter, edam and pecorino cheeses. The dishes were very easy to make.

Wendy's farm is part of 20 farms in a co-operative that supplies 80 percent of the organic milk in Australia, and is the largest supplier of organic milk for the Wellcome, Marketplace by Jasons and ThreeSixty stores here in Hong Kong.

  • Product Press Release (English and Chinese versions)
  • Food Recipes from the Food-Tasting Luncheon (English and Chinese versions)
  • Distribution List of True Organic dairy products in Hong Kong (English version)
  • Benefits of Organic Farming (English and Chinese versions)
  • FAQs about True Organic (English and Chinese versions)

Wendy Wallace of True Organic and Sean Robson of Dairy Farm at the True Organic Product Launch

Sean Robson of Dairy Farm and Wendy Wallace of True Organic posing with the True Organic milk sold at ThreeSixty Dairy Farm Sean Robson

True Organic Cheeses and True Organic Milk

True Organic Cheeses and True Organic Milk