Based in Germany, Uniplan was founded in 1960 and specialises in analysis, consulting, creation, implementation and monitoring success of trade fairs events, public events, corporate events, press conferences, shareholders' meetings, roadshows and showrooms. The global CEO Christian Bruehe came to Hong Kong in 2006 to promote the corporation and was interviewed by Hong Kong Economic Times, Capital CEO Magazine and CEI Asia.

We organised interviews for CEO Christian Bruehe when he visited Hong Kong. Mr Bruehe was interviewed by Hong Kong Economic Times, and was highlighted in the article "Uniplan's 'Live Communications' Develops New Roads for Exhibitions," in Capital CEO magazine. The article explains how Uniplan’s "Live Communications" helps the clients gain a higher profile in the Hong Kong and China economies and in their industry sector.

Mr Bruehe was also interviewed by Capital CEO magazine and appeared in the article "AsiaWorld-Expo develops new roads for exhibitions". This article mainly focuses on the opening of AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong. Christian Bruehe also provided his opinion on the future of Hong Kong's exhibition industry.

Uniplan's 'Live Communications' develops new roads for exhibitions

Uniplan article in the Hong Kong Economic Times' Management

Uniplan in Capital CEO - Special Report on Asiaworld Expo 2006