Gurnek Bains is the CEO of YSC, a corporate psychology consultancy that employs over 100 people worldwide, across six offices in London, New York, Hong Kong, Dusseldorf, Sydney and Edinburgh. YSC works with executives at the senior level on people, cultural and leadership issues. Gurnek and his YSC colleagues have published a book in January 2007 called, "Meaning Inc; The Blueprint for Business Success in the 21st Century."

For Mr. Bains' visit to Hong Kong in April 2007, anna fang public relations organised the media interviews and an event with the British Chamber of Commerce. YSC and anna fang public relations collaborated on a successful client luncheon for YSC and their clients.

Gurnek Bains co-founded YSC 16 years ago and has played a key role in building the company to its current level. He specializes in working with CEOs, boards of directors, and senior executive management teams. This involves one-to-one evaluation and coaching of senior executives and working with teams to enhance their effectiveness. He also has extensive experience of helping businesses drive the culture and values needed to achieve their business objectives and goals.

In 2008, anna fang public relations obtained for YSC a seven week series called "Executive Insights" in the South China Morning Post which was published during the months of August and September. The articles were aimed toward C-suite executives and were worth US$10,000-US$13,000 per article in terms of advertising and media coverage.

In the fall of 2008, YSC had another series on "Executive Coaching" in the South China Morning Post.

Some titles of the articles published in Executive Insights and Modern Workplace columns include:
  • Successful Surveying Requires Forethought
  • Engaging Behaviour
  • Meaning of Life's Work
  • Four Sides to a Leader
  • The Big Moment of Truth
  • Shedding Light on Ability
  • Facing the Shortfall

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