The anna fang public relations PR consultancy assisted this US software company in gaining media coverage in the CE, IT and Hi-Tech media of the PRC. The company Hillcrest Labs is a leader in motion technology for the Consumer Electronics industry. The company received seven media interviews with selected IT and business media, and two of the media had their articles reprinted and picked up by four other media in China.

The company made an announcement that it had signed a new multi-year agreement with TCL Multimedia, continuing to provide patented Freespace Motion Control Technology for TCL for use in their Smart TVs. TCL uses Hillcrest’s Freespace® motion, gesture and cursor control for their Android Smart TVs. This promotes a greater range of uses for the TV including various kinds of television, internet browsing, video games and other applications.

The new agreement enables Freespace® interactive technology to be applied in the production of the V7500, V8500, V7600, H6600, and E5590 Smart TV models.

Chad Lucien, the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Hillcrest Labs indicated in the interview that Freespace Motion Technology can be used with Android Platform 4.2 and Google TV Platform 4.0. It is said that seven out of the top ten original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of LCD TV in the global Smart TV and Set Top Box market are using Android or the Google TV Platform. Chad Lucien said, “The output of Smart TVs worldwide was over 80 million (units) last year, and millions of them were using the Freespace® Technology.”

Consumer Electronics Magazine EE Times in China

Illustration showing motion technology