Sembawang Living is entering the property development and real estate market in Hong Kong. Sembawang Engineers and Constructors is a Singapore-based company with a 30 year history and over 160 infrastructure projects around the world. Sembawang has a global presence, with offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Hong Kong SAR, the People’s Republic of China, India, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Australia.

In May 2013, anna fang public relations selected particular media to interview Ric Grosvenor, the President and CEO of Sembawang, and they included Ming Pao, Hong Kong Economic Journal, and The Peak magazine.

Ric Grosvenor made the following announcement on behalf of Sembawang:

“Due to the great market demand for residential housing, the supply of residential flats has been in the spotlight in recent years. Sembawang Living, an engineering and constructors company which is based Singapore, has a mind to introduce a new resident development plan, which enables the customers to freely choose the unit plan design and other facilities. In addition, the construction period can be reduced to 22 months, which is 30% faster than in the current market. Sembawang expects that there will be a peak for the Hong Kong construction industry in the next year and a half, and the construction cost will remain stable afterwards.

In Hong Kong, it is a common practice that the developers or the government departments determine the unit plan design and then preinstall facilities in private and public housing developments, which limits the freedom of choice for customers. Richard Grosvenor, the President and CEO of Sembawang, indicated that Sembawang Living had a hope of improving the living standards for Hong Kong residents by bringing in the lifestyle of New York City residents.

He added that the new residential construction mode provided opportunity for customers to choose the room layout for the kitchen and bathroom, as well as the color of walls, through Sembawang’s system, when they are buying a house. Besides, the unit plan design is up to the customers, which means the customers can determine how many bedrooms to have. Sembawang will also promise to complete the construction in 22 months, building an entire floor in four days on average which is 30% quicker than the current construction industry, and therefore reduces the construction cost by 30%.

Grosvenor also pointed out the establishment of Sembawang Living in Hong Kong echoed the hope of the Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, C.Y. Leung, in increasing the supply of subsidized housing (for the sandwich class (i.e. middle class)), and Sembawang would write to C.Y. Leung about their proposal and actively participate in the negotiation with the relevant government departments in the future.”

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“High Quality Housing For A Reasonable Price,” The Peak Magazine
Article in HKEJ on Sembawang and Ric Grosvenor (May 20 2013) by David Choi

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