Brian Tilbrook moved to Hong Kong in the 1960s and has become an icon in the Hong Kong education, art, theatre and business communities. If one takes a tour around Hong Kong's Pacific Place, the Hong Kong Club, HSBC buildings in Central or an English Schools Foundation (ESF) school, one will find paintings by Mr. Tilbrook.

In the past decades, Tilbrook has been active in creating backdrops, scenery and art for his theatre design work for the Hong Kong Singers, Hong Kong English Theatre and the Cantonese Hong Kong Reperatory Theatre which is supported by the Urban Council. Theatrical design has been a crucial part of Tilbrook's busy creative life as a Hong Kong artist.

Mr. Tilbrook's inspiration comes from living and travelling extensively in Asia. The exhibition includes semi-abstracts and large photographic reproductions, the latter being limited editions, signed and dated.

The anna fang public relations company wrote a media pitch on Mr Tilbrook for selected English press. He was interviewed by the South China Morning Post and RTHK Radio 3. An email invitation campaign was organised with the e-invitation being sent to over 400 corporate executives. The opening night reception was held at Pacific Place, and Swire Properties was the corporate sponsor.

Because Mr. Tilbrook sold a sizeable number of paintings and photographic reproductions during the five day exhibition, he was able to make a generous donation to TREATS, his selected charity.

The Screen Fading Happiness