Dr Yuen is an international sustainability design expert with a background in aeronautical engineering working on the principles of air flow around the world, specifically for world class architectural firms. Her knowledge helps architects to make buildings more energy efficient.

She has been interviewed by the Hong Kong Economic Times, Produce Green Journal, Perspective Magazine and been a guest of Perspective Magazine's 2010 "Green Roundtable".

Born in Hong Kong and educated in the UK, Dr Yuen is unique in her engineering qualifications and perspective on life. She works closely with architects on determining the energy savings for a particular building and how to utilise air flow in terms of heating, air conditioning, and on the dynamics of a building.

Dr Conn Yuen was nominated as Young Achiever in the American Chamber of Commerce's Seventh Women of Influence (WOI) Competition.

You can read the translation of Dr Conn Yuen's interview, "Green Building Can Be Very Practical," in Produce Green Journal here.