Corporate Image Building Programme (2003)


With the approach of the 25th Anniversary and success of the Women CEOs Roundtable, it was decided that a new look was necessary for the corporate image for the Hong Kong Association of Business and Professional Women.

Utilising a student team, they assisted HKABPW in a corporate image building programme which took place over a six month period. The City University Team designed a new logo, membership brochure, mentoring programme brochure, and a new website for the Association. They also assisted HKABPW with major events such as "Education Past, Education Future" - the annual general meeting; Women Directors' Forum (International Women's Day), and the Launch of the Mentoring Programme and the monthly mentoring workshops.

Anna Fang as the president of the Hong Kong Association of Business and Professional Women represented the Association and worked closely with the student team on the design production and the events.

HKABBW old logoHKABBW new logo
HKABPW Membership and Mentoring Brochure
Professor Anne Peirson-Smith, the student team and Anna Fang CityU student Team with Anne, Anna and Cecilia

The CityU student team at the Final Year Project Exhibition Women’s Directors Forum

Photo Gallery of the Women's Directors Forum March 2004