Electronic Publications
University interns assisted anna fang public relations in commenting and also the technical know-how with the graphics aspect and commenting on the content of the presentations which were later translated into Mandarin. Starting from the summer of 2011, interns suggested that presentations could be done in order that potential clients could better understand the work of anna fang public relations. As a result, anna fang public relations created three presentations – Corporate Communications About Anna J H Fang; CEO Branding; and “Hong Kong in Venice”.

In addition, two infographics were created by visual design company COU4 to showcase two case studies. Eventually, all of the electronic media were translated into Mandarin. Student interns can have fresh ideas and innovations for websites and digital marketing that others may lack.

In the summer of 2013, the electronic publications (CEO Branding, Corporate Communications Presentation About Anna J H Fang, and “Hong Kong in Venice – Media Coverage About the Venice Biennale in Architecture,” earned an Award of Excellence from APEX (USA).
CEO Branding PresentationCorporate Communications Presentation about Anna J H Fang

Hong Kong in Venice – Media Coverage on the Venice Biennale in Architecture