2010 Hong Kong in Venice – the Venice Biennale in Architecture
Translation from Chinese to English of over 20 Published Articles

“There is a dai pai dong in Venice,” U Magazine

CityU students Karen Tam and Mandy Wong from the City University of Hong Kong, besides other projects and work for anna fang public relations accomplished the following translations from Chinese to English in less than two months (along with their academic work), and with little knowledge of the subject matter. The PR and Publicity Campaign for the Venice Biennale won an international Award of Excellence in the US for anna fang public relations in 2011.

Please note that a myriad of articles were published in overseas and Hong Kong-based architectural and design publications.

Headline / Name of ArticleMediaNumber of Words
“There is a ‘Dai Pai Dong’ in Venice - An interview with an architect - Martin and a writer – Craig Au Yeung,” August 27, 2010, 2 A4 pages U Magazine2,817 words
“Venice Biennale Features the Theme of Architecture, Hong Kong Architects Present ‘Quotidian Architecture’ ,” September 7, 2010, 2 A4 pages Ta Kung Pao 961 words
“Venice Architecture Exhibition is Based on People,” September 10, 2010, 1 A4 page U Magazine413 words
“Daily Audit To Create Sustainable City Life,” September 11, 2010, 5 A4 pages Ming Pao Weekly Magazine4,166 words
“A Fierce Boss Is A Nightmare – Make Your Own Happy Workplace,” October 11, 2010, Management and Marketing Section, 2 A4 pages Hong Kong Economic Times1,946 words
“Look At The Modern Architectures From The Foggy City Of Water,” October 18, 2010, 1 A4 page Headline News1,040 words
“The Theme of Clothing, Food, Dwelling and Transport shows the basic needs of life Shows The Basic Needs Of Life,” October 2010, 1 A4 page Modern Home247 words
“ ‘Creating Happiness during a Time of Misery’ – Be Happy Easily,” October 2010, 2 A4 pages Mindmag1,200 words
“Quotidian Architectures Hong Kong,” October 2010, 2 A4 pages City Magazine1,503 words
“Recurring Memories in the Walled City, The Aesthetic of Life: Heritage By RAD and Greg Girard,” November 2010, 3 1/2 A3 pages City Magazine1,731 words
Other articles for the project 2,200 words

Summary of Translation Work Produced in 60 Days by Karen Tam and Mandy Wong
  • Total Number of Articles and Documents Translated: 21
  • Total Number of Words Translated from Cantonese / Mandarin to English: 18,224