2009 Production of the Award-Winning Flash Video

The flash video on the home page of www.annafangpr.com won an international award from the USA. It was the concept of my student interns Emily Yu and Christine Poon of City University of Hong Kong. They went beyond the assignment and when I asked them to update my website, and they came up with the idea to have a flash video to introduce my business. They did the original storyboard and helped to select the photos from stockphotos.com and the web design vendor did the technical portion of the work on making the flash animation work. Eventually, the flash video was submitted to the APEX (USA) Awards for Excellence and it won an award of excellence.

Inspiration on suggesting a FLASH intro for the home page of www.annafangpr.com

“I had the idea of making a video after looking through the official website carefully and found out that the professionally looking website is filled up with merely text and pictures. Then, the word ‘interaction’ came into my mind. With statistics shown by Google Analytics, I think something that can grab viewers` attention and make them stay longer at the website should be added. There comes the FLASH intro which can perfectly match this purpose and not so costly to be made. Thus, a flash video combining graphics, text, videos is made to introduce anna fang public relations at the homepage of the website”.
Emily Yu, Final Year Student at the City University of Hong Kong, Media and Communication Department