Our consultancy anna fang public relations specialises in CEO Branding which raises the profile of the CEO and company through media relations. In other words, anna fang public relations obtains media interviews for senior executives, CEOs and Managing Directors of Hong Kong companies as well as US and foreign multi-national corporations.

We accomplish this task by writing a media pitch tailored for our client, and distributing the media pitch to selected editors in the media.

CEOs and Managing Directors have an opportunity to tell their story about their company or organisation and sharing key messages to the business and the international press that are read by decision-makers and senior executives.

Raising the profile of a company in the media and its CEOs also increases the value of a company and raises the company's stock value. When stockholders see positive media coverage about your company - they will be compelled to purchase the company‘s stock.

The targeted medias include both English and Chinese press (newspapers, magazines, on-line) based out of Hong Kong, in addition to regional, international and trade press.


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