For some of the media located in Hong Kong, it is necessary to provide the editors and journalists with a Chinese translation of a media pitch or press release. At anna fang public relations, we use a professional translation company for English to Cantonese and English to Mandarin translation.

Translation is not merely the “word for word” or literal translation. Professional translation to Chinese for the editors and journalists involves obtaining the meaning of a passage instead of just the “literal meaning”. There is a lot of poorly written articles on-line and in the Chinese language media with a prevalence of Cantonese street talk style of writing. On-line computerised software “translators” are not professional nor reliable.

A good translation can help the end-user, editor, junior reporter, or senior journalist to understand about a subject matter, CEO or issue better and then, they can write a better story or prepare for an interview. In fact, there is a lack of good and professional Chinese writing and translation nowadays due to the fact that students and executives sometimes lack proper education and training in Chinese writing (and translation).

For clients, we use a company with nearly 20 years experience in creative translation – Wiseword Languages Services Company. This is quite important when dealing with senior executives, Managing Directors and CEOs who desire to raise their profile in the business community and in the media in Hong Kong. In addition, when we do Chinese to English translation of articles for clients for their media coverage reports - we do comprehensive translations of published articles from Chinese to English for our clients.