For local, regional and international media relations, it is important that we continually update and establish relationships with selected magazines, newspapers, media, and with the mass press. Nowadays, with the use of on-line publications, we are also aware of digital communications.

For some of media, the contacts of the editors and senior reporters are continually changing.

That is why it is important to cultivate the relationships of the knowledgeable media (newspapers and magazines) and their journalists who truly take the time to research a subject or person.

anna fang public relations has extensive media lists which are updated regularly and include the following sectors:
  • Art, Design and Architecture

  • Broadband / Wireless and IT / Technology media for the Asia Pacific Region

  • Chinese Media List for Hong Kong (33 pages)

  • English Media List for Hong Kong (44 pages)

  • English Media in Singapore

  • Food Magazines / Pages for Hong Kong

  • Luxury / fashion media of Hong Kong

  • Oil and energy sector for the Asia Pacific region

  • Travel Trade and Hospitality media