The anna fang public relations PR Consultancy is experienced in defining a strategy and organising a campaign when a CEO or company needs to promote or publicise their company’s key messages to the decision-makers, the C-suite executives, and their targeted business audience.

The following are some of the PR and Publicity campaigns that Anna Fang has single-handedly organised. These campaigns have won awards in an international competition based out of the United States (Awards for Publication Excellence – APEX-USA)

Anna J H Fang has the following experience in media relations around the region:
  • "Hong Kong in Venice – the Venice Biennale in Architecture (2010)"

    To see the media coverage report and articles – please click on the above-captioned image

    Organised a lengthy and comprehensive PR and Publicity campaign in cooperation with two government agencies for "Hong Kong in Venice – the Venice Biennale in Architecture." Over 20 A4 sized articles with multiple pages published in local Chinese, China (Mandarin), Europe (Italian, English, German), US and Hong Kong art, architecture publications.

    The challenge of promoting the 13 art and design teams at the Venice Biennale is the government did not subsidise any media to attend the event in Venice, Italy. Anna communicated with media in Hong Kong, China the US, in the UK and Europe over a few months remotely from Hong Kong and later when the architectural teams when they returned back to Hong Kong. This PR Campaign was an APEX Awards winner in 2011.

  • Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)

    In their fiscal year of April 2006 – March 2007, CCL was able to reach 50 million television viewers, 4.5 million readers and to attain a media and advertising value of over US$380,000. The PR Campaign won an award in 2007 from APEX ™ (USA).

    Summary of the Media Coverage for the Center for Creative Leadership Q2 2006-Q1 2007

  • Andrew Matthews’ Happiness Now

    Implemented a highly successful media and public relations campaign for Andrew Matthews, in the fall of 2005 in Hong Kong – for the launch of his book, “Happiness Now”. He has written several best sellers, meaning his books sell a minimum of two million copies per book. The PR Campaign won Award of Excellence from APEX™ (USA).

    Summary of Media Coverage Report for the Launch of Andrew Matthews’ Happiness Now in Hong Kong