anna fang public relations can assist on editing and writing the content of your brochure, marketing materials or company website. An outside opinion does matter.

Anna J H Fang has over 25 years experience in corporate communications and marketing communications. She worked in the US for five years, was posted at two international hotels in Beijing, China for four years, and has been based in Hong Kong for 20 years. She is a native English speaker and also has a master’s degree in History from the University of California at Santa Cruz (UC Santa Cruz) in the USA. She lived and worked in China for four years and in Hong Kong since 1992.

She has won over 16 awards for past projects involving corporate communications and public relations.

Presently, she collaborates with a well known translation and interpretation company (Wiseword) and website design company (Ordi) in assisting SMEs and MNCs in writing and editing their websites and writing and editing marketing materials.


Anna J H Fang has managed the production of the following award-winning corporate publications here in Hong Kong (with the assistance of a vendor) for global and regional distribution:

  • Motorola Asia Pacific Region “FACTS and Guide”
    FACTS is a 16 page corporate brochure on Motorola Asia Pacific Limited and Guide is a 90 page compendium of Motorola’s different business units
  • Hutchison Telephone’s Corporate Brochure
  • Hutchison Telephone’s Quarterly HutchTel News
  • Hong Kong Association of Business and Professional Women 25th Anniversary Booklet
  • Tianlun Dynasty Hotel Beijing’s Service Directory, Welcome Booklet
  • Great Wall Sheraton Hotel Commemorative Coffee Table Magazine for 1988

Great Wall Sheraton Hotel Beijing

Tianlun Dynasty Hotel Beijing

HKABPW 25th Anniversary

Hutchison Telephone
Quarterly Newsletter

Hutchison Telephone
Corporate Brochure

Motorola FACTS
(Corporate Brochure)

Motorola Guide
(90 pages)


Anna Fang has produced the following award-winning websites and was the content provider and editor:

  • Motorola Asia Pacific Region corporate website
  • Motorola University Asia Pacific Intranet Site on E-Learning
  • Hong Kong Association of Business and Professional Women (HKABPW) website
  • BPW International website – (assisting the 2007-2008 web team and the President’s Office in Thailand)
  • BPW International microsite of mentoring programs around the world
  • anna fang public relations’ company website

BPW International Website

Motorola Asia Pacific Region Website

Motorola University e-Learning Intranet Site

Hong Kong Association of Business and Professional Women

anna fang public relations website

Videos and Flash Videos

Ms Fang has produced the following award-winning corporate videos:
  • anna fang public relations’ flash video
  • Motorola University’s e-Learning Video
  • Hutchison Telephone’s Corporate Video