Public relations, media relations and corporate communications increase the visibility of a company and its CEO and senior executives to targeted business and international media which raises the profile of the company.

This ultimately increases the stock value and the brand equity of the company and its CEO.

Clients can expect anna fang public relations to build their reputation, referrals and revenues by aggressively positioning their company before target audiences using a media and marketing campaign based in Hong Kong. Clients are positioned as the “go-to” accessible experts with business and international editors, television producers, and industry / trade media.

Clients become trusted sources and subject matter experts who can provide comprehensive information, about complex business issues.

We present our clients’ key message points to each of the following groups of media:

  • Business and international media (both print and electronic media)
  • Financial and trade publications (print, electronic and the internet)
  • Consumer publications
  • Industry and professional publications

Included in the package are the following deliverables:
  • Writing a media pitch with a specific business or finance angle for the business and international press and obtaining a minimum of 5-7 exclusive one-on-one interviews.
  • Translation of media pitches into Chinese as necessary
  • Promoting the CEO / Senior Executive through media interviews and speaking engagements with business organisations and chambers of commerce, and other associations
  • Distribution of a pitch to 20-30 targeted business press read by other CEOs, CFOs and decision-makers
  • Pitching speaking events for the CEO / Senior Executive to a Chamber of Commerce/ organisation
  • Organising the event and liaising with the Chamber of Commerce / organisation
    (Administration is done by the Chamber of Commerce or business organisation)
  • Briefing the CEO / Senior Executive for possible Q&A
  • Attending the speaking events and media interviews
  • Providing a media coverage report and portfolio after the interview / articles are published
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This package is perfect for a company with new service or product the company needs to promote among the trade press, business press or to the trade industry or the public.
  • Writing the press release for distribution
  • Translating the press release into Chinese, if appropriate
  • Arranging published interviews in the business, financial, or trade press
  • Distributing product / service releases and backgrounders to appropriate media
  • Distributing case studies, analogies, and examples
  • Preparing suggested materials for distribution:
    • Stock and user photos as provided by the client
    • Product/technology backgrounders
    • Application backgrounders
    • Company backgrounder
  • Distributing via email (English press) and fax (Chinese press), as appropriate on the day of distribution or prior to an event
  • Working with your company (if there is a product launch event) to organise the event
  • Briefing CEO / Senior Executive for possible Q&A
  • Attending the speaking events and media interviews
  • Providing a media coverage report and portfolio after the interview/articles are published.
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This package is perfect for a company with new services or new technical product and they need to promote the new product regionally among the trade press, business press or to the mass public
  • Distribution to over 100+ Chinese and English press based in Hong Kong
  • Suitable for distributing global news, global surveys, or global research results
  • Including press release or media pitch writing and distribution and follow up with the press
  • As necessary, revising US and European-specific press releases for the Hong Kong, and the greater China region markets
  • Translating press releases into Chinese
  • Distributing via email (English press) and fax (Chinese press) on the day of distribution
  • Briefing the CEO regarding the possible Q & A by the press
  • Monitoring press enquiries
  • Providing Media Coverage report and portfolio
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anna fang public relations is offering editorial services such as writing and editing for the English text on brochures and websites. With her nearly 30 years experience with corporate communications and marketing materials around the world, her expertise can make your corporate communication materials – award winners!

She has worked in the USA, Beijing, China, and throughout the Asia Pacific region. She has been based out of Hong Kong for the past 20 years.

Examples of her corporate communications and marketing communications project work can be viewed throughout this website.

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Raise the profile of the CEO and the company’s products in the PRC media Obtain media coverage in the PRC (Guangdong Province) media in the areas of Consumer Electronics (CE) / IT and Hi-Tech

Deliverables include:
  • Writing the Press Release as necessary in collaboration from the client IT / CE company and translation to Mandarin of the press release
  • Preparation with the IT client on the supplementary materials
  • Arranging 6 media interviews (we have solid media contacts in the IT / CE / Hi-Tech media)
  • Attending the interviews
  • All materials must be tailored for the PRC media (S. China)
  • Includes Out of Pocket Expenses (OOPs) in Hong Kong
Note: The package does not include these charges and the costs are additional:
  • Additional translation of documents into Mandarin
  • Hotel (if overnight stay is needed), transportation to Hong Kong to Shenzhen and meals
  • “Taxi fare” for the media
  • Return transportation from Hong Kong to Shenzhen
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  • Raise the profile of the CEO and the company in the business media and in the community
  • Establish connections with other CEOs

Action Plan:
Perfect for CEOs or visiting senior executives from the US or China coming to Hong Kong to meet C-Suite customers / clients and conduct a CEO Roundtable. At the CEO Roundtable, CEOs would discuss relevant topics about Hong Kong and their industries.
anna fang public relations would collaborate on the following items:
  • Invitation, topics for discussion, and inviting the CEOs
  • Liaising with the 5 star / high end venue / restaurant (Client company pays for CEO Luncheon)
  • Lead time – start 3 months in advance of the event – the CEO Roundtable
Media interviews would raise the profile of the CEO in the business media talking about HR and management issues (Full media package can be arranged with more interviews).

Deliverables include:
  • Writing the Media Pitch and translation (as necessary) to Cantonese of the media pitch
  • Assisting in originating a list with the client company of 30-40 possible invitees in order to have 9-12 to attend (9 CEOs and 3 clients from Hong Kong)
  • Arranging 2-3 media interviews
  • Attending the interviews and CEO Roundtable
  • Assisting on organising the briefing book and topics to be discussed
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