Anna Fang has many years of expertise in organising corporate events for corporations.

  • Organised the press conference for the signing ceremony announcing the partnership in Hyderabad, India between Motorola University and the Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT). VIPs in attendance included US Secretary of Commerce William Daley; and the Prime Minister of Andhra Pradesh, India.

    The signing ceremony coincided with the visit of US President Bill Clinton to India in March 2000. There was press coverage on a worldwide basis from Asia to the United States. Motorola was mentioned on the front page of the Chicago Tribune (Motorola’s corporate headquarters is in Schaumburg, Illinois near to Chicago, Illinois.

  • Organised a press conference for Motorola South Asia Pte Limited in Phnom Penh, Cambodia to announce Motorola’s donation to The Halo Trust, an international de-mining organisation. Major press coverage on Businesswire, PR Newswire, AP, AFP and other media.

  • Established a 6-year rapport (1988 – 1993) with Beijing reporters which resulted in great publicity for the Hutchison Telephone Challenge in 1993 for the World Women’s Volleyball Grand Prix. The reporters based in Beijing came down to Hong Kong, i.e. Xinhua News Agency

    This event was publicised worldwide through Xinhua News Agency, ATV, and Star TV Sports (Hong Kong). Hong Kong people love the sport of volleyball and the PRC Women’s Volleyball team.

Signing Ceremony between Motorola and
Malaysia Multimedia Univeraity MMU

Signing ceremony between Motorola and
The Halo Trust (Phnom Penh)