HKABPW’s Professional Image and Leadership Event (2007)
i-Money Magazine article on Personal Image and Appearance
anna fang public relations organised and promoted HKABPW's Professional Image and Leadership Event. There were three speakers on the evening:
  • Eve Roth Lindsay, Managing Director, Savvy Style and Colour Me Beautiful HK
  • Teresa Norton, CEO, Norton Associates
  • Anna J H Fang, Past President, HKABPW, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001 and 2003 and Chair, BPW International Mentoring Taskforce, and member of the Public Relations Committee

The speaker panel focused on the questions:

How does "Dress for Success" translate in the millennium?

What does having a good corporate image actually mean? How can we improve our presentation and speaking skills.

The panel shared their experiences on how a professional image goes a long way in business and on a personal basis.

The Hong Kong Economic Times’ I-Money Magazine interviewed the speakers - please find the thumbnail and translation of the interview with Eve Roth Lindsay.

"Dress Nicely to Promote Yourself", HKET i-Money Magazine, Nov 29, 2008