HKABPW’s Mentoring Programme (2003 – 2004)
The CityU Student team with Prof Anne Peirson-Smith, and
Anna Fang and Cecelia Lui
Corporate sponsors for the HKABPW Mentoring Programme at the introductory evening

In the fall of 2003, the HKABPW Mentoring Programme was introduced to over 80 attendees with corporate sponsors ExxonMobil, Right Management, Seashell Publishers (Andrew Matthews), and B &W Far East Publicity Limited.

The mentoring program was launched with over 30 participants with regular monthly programs and talks. Mentees were matched with HKABPW members in similar disciplines and businesses. The program was an approach to increase membership among the 20somethings and to encourage them to join HKABPW.

Anna along with the co-chair of the Mentoring Programme planned, and organised the different speakers for the monthly events. Mentors and mentees were encouraged to meet each other on a monthly basis or talk via email.

Photo Gallery of the HKABPW Introduction to the Mentoring Program, November 2003

Photo Gallery of the Launch of the HKABPW Mentoring Program February 2004