HKABPW’s 25th Gala Anniversary Event (2004)
Photo of one of the tables at the Anniversary Margaret Leung, Anna Fang and Suzie Setsuko Wakai
Photo of Anson Chan with some of the HKABPW members Some of the attendees for the 25th Anniversary Dinner

In 2004, Anna Fang and a few past presidents / founders of HKABPW (Kate Mead, Moyreen Tilbrook, and Janet Spence) organised the 25th Anniversary Gala Cocktail and Dinner of the Hong Kong Association of Business and Professional Women.

To highlight the past 25 years in Hong Kong, the 25th Anniversary Committee produced a 36-page commemorative publication which detailed HKABPW's contribution, in the fields of legislation and education, towards raising the status of women within Hong Kong and widening the educational opportunities available to them. Half of the monies from the corporate advertisements were donated to Harmony House's “Women Empowerment and Services" training programmes.

25th Anniversary Gala Celebration

To celebrate the Association’s 25 years in Hong Kong, a gala celebration was held on Thursday, October 28 at The Helena May (a historical building in Hong Kong).

First, there was a cocktail reception featuring our special guests Anson Chan, former Chief Secretary of Hong Kong; Anna Wu, Advisor to the Law School, Shantou University and former Chairperson of the Equal Opportunities Commission; Emily Lau, Legislative Councillor, and Maria Tam, Hong Kong representative to the National People’s Congress and the first president of HKABPW.

Following the cocktail reception, there was a BPW dinner in which Christine Loh, CEO of Civic Exchange and former legislative councillor, and the above-captioned women were our special dinner guests, and several of the past presidents and guests flew in from around the world (China, Taiwan, France, the UK and Austria) for this auspicious occasion. Over 150 guests from the business community attended along with the special overseas attendees.

Over 150 guests from the Hong Kong business community, Hong Kong government and other women's organisations attended. Past presidents of HKABPW and BPW members residing in the UK, France, Austria, Taiwan and China flew in for the special event.

Photo Gallery of the HKABPW 25th Anniversary Gala Cocktail Celebration October 2004

Photo Gallery of the HKABPW 25th Anniversary Gala Dinner Celebration October 2004

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