Forbes Forum – Asia’s Power Business Women 2013

The Forbes Forum – Asia’s Power Business Women was the second Forbes Conference for “Power Business Women” in Asia, and was held in Bangkok, Thailand. The keynote speaker was Thailand’s Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and was attended by over 250 business women from around Asia.

Anna was invited as an attendee to the second annual conference.

Around the world, growing numbers of women are breaking new ground in business, government and society. They are driving change across diverse spheres of influence through entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity, and sheer drive and determination. Yet challenges abound in an increasingly demanding global marketplace and competitive economic environment. How are women cultivating success, taking ownership of their development and ambitions, and thriving professionally and personally? What strategies, virtues and best practices enable women to gain momentum on their journeys towards greater achievement and higher levels of mastery?

Below are a few photos from the conference of the prime minister speaking, shot of group dinner, and Anna during the cocktail party with attendees from Singapore and China.

Group Photo of the speakers at the Forbes Forum

Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra at the Forbes Forum

View of the Ballroom of the Forbes Forum

Anna, Asha Hemrajani and Hongyan Zou at the cocktail party