6th World Islamic Economic Forum -
Businesswoman's Forum, May 2010
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Anna J H Fang was invited to be a a speaker at the 6th World Islamic Economic Forum - Businesswoman's Forum held in May 2010 in Kuala Lumpur. This was a high profile international event with over 3,000 attendees including the presidents of the major Islamic countries. The Businesswoman's Forum preceded the main forum and the event was publicised on both CNN and sponsored by CNBC Asia.

Anna spoke about the challenges of being a small business owner in the Hong Kong business environment.

Attending the Opening Ceremony for the Businesswoman's Forum were the following VIPs from Malaysia: Dato' Sri Nazir Tun Abdul Razak, Chairman, WIEF Young Leaders Network; Dato' Dr Norraesah Mohamed, Chairman, WIEF Businesswomen Network; Speech by Hon. Tun Musa Hitam, Chairman, WIEF Foundation and Opening Keynote Address by H.E. Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin, Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia.

The WIEF Businesswoman Forum 2010 helps unite professional women while helping them unleash their potential. The Forum also creates opportunities for women to share their expertise and skills, to network, support and mentor each other and to create worthwhile business relationships from various regions. It is tailored for women who want to increase their professionalism, job satisfaction, add value to their organisations and become successful entrepreneurs. The Forum helped women enhance their knowledge of business management.

Please see a few photos from the event below and the speech given by Anna Fang at the Businesswoman's Forum.

Speaking at the Businesswoman’s Forum

Presidents and Prime Ministers Open the WIEF

Speaking at the Businesswoman’s Forum

Jessica Ng, Philippa Stewart, Susie Cheung and Audrey Eu
Photos courtesy of Ms Norazlina Shariff and the World Islamic Economic Forum Foundation.

Report of the World Islamic Economic Forum, Businesswoman's Forum