The Main Event – wf360, Hong Kong (2001)

Wf360’s first MainEvent was held in 2000 and, via satellite broadcast, engaged live audiences in more than 150 locations throughout the world where attendees interacted with Wf360’s Global Conversationalists (including Hillary Clinton, General James Jones (then Commander of the U.S. Marine Corps), Steve Ballmer, (CEO of Microsoft) and many other business and thought leaders). The MainEvent provides a means for the participants to interact among themselves as well as building on the concept of a “Global” program, a reference to the fact that it is both global and local.

In 2001, the MainEvent’s Asia Roadshow was held in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore and Australia.

Under the leadership of Anna Fang, the Hong Kong Association of Business and Professional Women has been a sponsoring organisation of each of the MainEvent’s webcasts held globally from 2000 through 2004. For those four MainEvents, Anna Fang has collaborated with Susan Bird, CEO of wf360 in supporting the MainEvent’s among the Hong Kong business community.

Wf360 is actually a forerunner to the TED conferences and conversations being held on Facebook, SKYPE and Twitter.